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FSYF Committees

Members of the FSYF Board of Directors serve on at least one committee during their term of service. The committees play an active role in the foundation's operations and work closely with the President and the Executive Director to achieve our common goals.

In addition to other volunteer opportunities, FSYF welcomes volunteers to serve on any of the committees (except Finance) below where additional help is needed.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete a Volunteer Form (at right) and indicate the committee(s) which most interest you. 

President:    John Naland
Vice President: Open
Secretary:   Sarah Koczot
Treasurer:   Tim Sears

Contests Committee
Chairperson:  Tim Sears
Members:  Alexandra Pomeroy, Erik Sundquist, Kim DeBlauw, Sabrina Volciak, Kristin Grasso

Finance Committee
Chairperson: John Naland
Members: Tim Sears, Pete Wood

Fund Raising Committee
Chairperson: Pete Wood
Members: Xenia Wilkinson, Blanca Reubensaal

Nominating Committee
Chairperson: Open
Members: open

Outreach & Membership Committee
Chairperson: Open
Members: Sarah Koczot
Website:  Stuart Symington

Programs & Events Committee
Chairperson: Open
Members: Lesley Duncan, Kim DeBlauw
Mentoring Program:  Anne Kolker, Alexandra Pomeroy, Stuart Symington

Publications Committee
Chairperson: Kyle Fischer
Members: Open

Scholarship Committee
Chairperson: Dale Dean
Members: Kristin Grasso, Erik Sundquist, Lesley Duncan,
Alexandra Pomeroy, Susan Symington 

Ex Officio:  Roxanne Thomas

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