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KidVid Contest

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), in collaboration with the Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF), hosts the annual worldwide KidVid Contest.  Contestants submit an original video that depicts life for Foreign Service youth at their post.  The purpose of this contest is to develop a library of videos that will help FS families anticipate what life is like from a kid's perspective at overseas posts.  The Overseas Briefing Center (OBC), a division of FSI’s Transition Center administers the contest. FSYF awards winners cash prizes to winners of the KidVid contests.

Eligibility:  Foreign Service youth, ages 10-18 who are posted overseas, are eligible to enter this contest.  FSYF membership is not required to enter.  Please see the full rules and guidelines for more information. 

Completed videos are available for Foreign Service families to view on:

State Department intranet
In person at the OBC library at FSI
Online at in the Members Only section for FSYF members

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