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French Level II Language Club: 7-8 AM (Ages 13-17)

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • 7:00 AM
  • Thursday, August 29, 2024
  • 8:00 AM
  • zoom
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Elevate Your Language Skills This Summer with FSYF Virtual Language Clubs!

Embark on an exciting linguistic journey this summer with the Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF) Virtual Language Clubs! Designed exclusively for Foreign Service kids, our engaging program aims to enhance and maintain your existing proficiency in French and Spanish while fostering a vibrant virtual community.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Both Intermediate and Advanced Proficiency Levels 
  • Two Convenient Time Slots: 6:00 am EDT for Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia, and 8 pm EDT for the Western Hemisphere 
  • Interactive Hour-Long Sessions Held Weekly for 10 Weeks 
  • Expert Instruction from Language Specialists 
  • Immersive Learning Environment 
  • Opportunity to Connect and Network with Peers Globally. 
Please take the self assessment before registering.   

Course Title: Beyond Borders, FRENCH Language Class – Level 2

Course Description: This ten-week French course, designed for lower intermediate young learners, focuses on enhancing communicative abilities for practical application. The curriculum offers a fast-paced and engaging learning experience, emphasizing real-world applications and cultural immersion. Each session aims to develop comprehensive language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—while deepening cultural understanding through varied interactive activities and discussions.


Session 1: French-Speaking Countries Around the World: Language & Cultures

·         Objectives:

·         Explore the linguistic and cultural diversity of French-speaking countries.

·         Discuss cultural nuances and popular cultures across the Francophonie.

·         Activities:

·         Interactive map exploration and cultural trivia.

·         Role-plays and discussions to practice conversational skills.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) to discuss cultural insights.

Session 2: "Le Petit Prince" by Saint-Exupéry

·         Objectives:

·         Understand the themes, language, and literary significance of "Le Petit Prince."

·         Analyze philosophical aspects and life lessons from the book.

·         Activities:

·         Read key excerpts and discuss main themes.

·         Creative activities such as drawing scenes and debating book themes.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) focusing on travel-related vocabulary.

Session 3: The Olympic Games

·         Objectives:

·         Learn about the history of the Olympics and its importance in Francophone countries.

·         Explore the legacy of Pierre de Coubertin and the modern significance of the Olympics.

·         Activities:

·         Research and create presentations on French-speaking athletes.

·         Debate on the impact of the Olympics on national pride.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) to discuss sports culture.

Session 4: Adventure & Discovery

·         Objectives:

·         Foster a spirit of adventure and discovery using French language skills.

·         Activities:

·         Plan a virtual trip to a Francophone country using French.

·         Solve puzzles and navigate scenarios requiring language skills.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) to explore adventure literature.

Session 5: A Journey in Francophone Literature

·         Objectives:

·         Explore a broad spectrum of literature from French-speaking authors.

·         Understand thematic and stylistic differences in Francophone literature.

·         Activities:

·         Read and discuss extracts from notable Francophone authors.

·         Listen to and analyze Francophone music related to literary themes.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) for deeper literary discussions.

Session 6: Music & Festivals

·         Objectives:

·         Explore the impact of music and festivals on Francophone cultures.

·         Activities:

·         Discuss and share Francophone music and festival experiences.

·         Creative activities including writing recipes or recommendations for Francophone cuisine.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) focusing on cultural festivals.

Session 7: Cine-Club

·         Objectives:

·         Improve listening skills and cultural understanding through French films.

·         Activities:

·         Watch and critique French films.

·         Discuss film themes and characters in depth.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) to explore film analysis.

Session 8: Comic Workshop (Atelier Bande Dessinée)

·         Objectives:

·         Create and appreciate French comic strips.

·         Activities:

·         Study famous French and Belgian comics.

·         Develop a short comic story in French.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) for vocabulary and expression in comics.

Session 9: Young Diplomats

·         Objectives:

·         Engage in French language debates on global issues.

·         Learn and use diplomatic vocabulary in discussions.

·         Activities:

·         Simulate United Nations-style debates.

·         Prepare and present arguments on assigned global topics.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) for discussion on international relations.

Session 10: Kids Reporters on Mission

·         Objectives:

·         Undertake journalistic projects in French.

·         Apply language skills to report on French culture or current events.

·         Activities:

·         Research, interview, and compose news reports in French.

·         Present findings in a class news broadcast or newsletter.

·         Coin-lecture (book club) to discuss journalistic techniques.

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