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Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in the Foreign Service

  • Friday, May 03, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom



Raising third culture children and teens in today’s world can be amazing...and hard…and sometimes amazingly hard.  Parenting a young person who thinks they may be- or is sure that they are- a member of the LGBTQ+ community adds a layer to any globally mobile family’s journey. 

This webinar is designed for parents and allies to learn more about gender identity and sexual orientation. We will explore distinct stressors and needs that LGBTQ+ third culture kids face, and ways to best protect and support them.  Participants will leave with accurate information, helpful scripts to use when talking to your kids and teens, concrete resources and a wonderful sense of support for their whole family.

  • Common myths about sexual orientation and gender identity will be debunked and participants will be given accurate information about the development of gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Participants will understand distinct stressors that LGBTQ+ youth face, and the best ways that parents can support young people on this path.
  • Participants will have a clear understanding of protective action parents can take.
  • Participants will leave with concrete scripts that are helpful in conversation with kids, teens and extended family members.
  • Participants will identify concrete resources and reasons to celebrate community on this journey.

About the Presenter

Dr. Laura Anderson (she/her/hers) has been a licensed child and family psychologist for nearly twenty-five years.  Dr. Anderson has expertise in, working with adoptive families,  supporting third-culture kids and their families,  and working with gender-expansive and LGBTQ+ children, teens and their families.  Dr. Anderson has lived out of her home country on multiple occasions and she provides national and international training on a variety of child psychology topics.   Dr. Anderson has a podcast, on-line courses, and has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, and Psychology Today.  Perhaps most importantly, she is a parent, and for both personal and professional reasons, Dr. Anderson is passionate about supporting families as they find greater harmony and thrive. 

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