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Youth Newsletter:  'Here, There & Everywhere'

'Here, There & Everywhere' is the FSYF quarterly newsletter, written by and for Foreign Service kids and teens.  It is published once per season.  Each issue revolves around a stated theme and consists of articles, poems, short stories, illustrations, photographs and other contributions from Foreign Service youth.  It’s a great way for kids to express themselves creatively, share ideas with their Foreign Service peers, and experience the excitement of being published.
How to Contribute Articles and Illustrations

Simply email your submission to FSYF at with "Youth Newsletter Contribution' in the subject line.  Please include the following:
  • your name
  • your age and/or grade
  • your school and/or your post
  • optional but appreciated:  a photo of you and/or your subject (in jpg. format, sent as attachment).

Why Contribute?

Students, and especially teens, should consider contributing for the following reasons:
  • Practice Taking Risks & Getting Involved
  • Build or Enhance a Resume
  • Provide FS peers with useful information
  • Share your Talents
  • Inspire your Peers
  • Improve your Writing and Creative Skills
  • Earn the Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card! (see below)
What to Contribute:
    We accept all sorts of submissions.  Here are a few genres but don't let these suggestions restrict you. You're only limited by your imagination!
    • interview with a person of interest at your post
    • poem
    • advice column
    • tips for FS kids and teens
      • about your post/your school
      • about traveling in general
      • about staying organized
      • about saying goodbye
      • about making new friends/welcoming new kids
      • about how to survive an evacuation
      • about returning to the US
      • about staying in touch with extended family
      • about summer camp
      • about boarding school or college
      • about language learning or barriers
    • opportunities at your post
    • vacation travelogue
    • report on an interesting experience or achievement
    • recipe from your post
    • original photos or artwork
    • comic strip
    Previous Issues of 'Here, There & Everywhere'
    To access the FSYF newsletter archives, please sign in to this website as a member. Our newsletter archives are located in the 'Members Only' section.

    Distribution of Newsletters
    Newsletters are e-mailed to current FSYF members, the Family Liaison Office and some CLOs overseas. CLOs and Embassy or Consulate newsletter editors are welcome to submit articles or suggestions and we kindly ask that you circulate FSYF information at your post, if at all possible.

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