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Youth & Family Evacuations

Evacuations can be sudden and traumatic events for the entire family.  When children are abruptly separated from friends, routines, pets, belongings, school and familiar surroundings, the transition can be particularly difficult.  

The circumstances of every evacuation are unique.  Everyone may not return immediately to the DC area, the age and number of children involved may differ, and the time of year that the evacuation occurs can affect the needs of the evacuees.  

With that in mind, it is nearly impossible to predict the needs of the affected community prior to their arrival.  FSYF seeks to support Foreign Service children and their families in the following ways:

  • Emergency Support
The Post CLO, Family Liaison Office (FLO) Crisis Management Officer, and AAFSW work together to provide evacuees with emergency support.  FSYF supports their efforts and helps as needed. In the past, that has included providing babysitting support so that evacuees can attend Town Hall meetings.  
  • Individualized Moral Support
Our volunteers join AAFSW volunteers to check in on you and your family to see how you're doing and to provide targeted assistance. Please help us out in that effort by contacting us with your information. Email us at or call us at (703)731-2960.
  • Student Sponsors
We will do our best to locate a student from your child's local school who can help your child get situated.
  • Community Event
We will host a community social event to provide you with a chance to get together with friends and supporters. Usually our events take place at Oakwood Falls Church.  
  • Discounts on FSYF Programs and Events
We know finances can be tight during an evacuation.  We are happy to extend the FSYF member discount to any programs or events that occur during your evacuation.  Please let us know your circumstances so that we can apply the discount.
Additional Tips for Weathering an Evacuation:
  • Stay or Become Social
  • Maintain or Resume Routines
  • Maintain a Positive Outlook
  • Exercise
  • Attend Town Hall Meetings
  • Take Advantage of FSI's Transition Center Classes
  • High School Students:  Evacuations are Great College Essay Material
  • Creative Outlets:  FSYF Art & Essay Contests, and FSYF Newsletters 
  • Community Service:  Refocus Your Attention on those who are Needier.
  • Ask for Help - People Love to Help out and Feel Needed!

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