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Foreign Service Websites and Blogs

This collection of sites has special appeal to Foreign Service Families. Are we missing an important site? Let us know!

FSYF Youth Blog: Connect. Share. Create

Government Websites:

U.S. Department of State Family Liaison Office (FLO)

Foreign Service Institute Overseas Briefing Center

U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)

Websites of Organizations that Support US Government Employees and Families:

Associates of American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW)

Tales from a Small Planet is home to  “real” post reports.

TCK and Foreign Service Discussion Forums:

Foreign Service Youth - COLLEGE Bound
Closed Group - Request Permission to Join

Trailing Houses Facebook Page

Closed Group - Request Permission to Join

LivelinesYahoo Discussion Forum hosted by AAFSW (see above).  
Must be member to join this 4,000+ member group

FSParent - Yahoo Discussion Forum

FSGifted - Yahoo Discussion Forum for families with gifted children in the Foreign Service

FSSpecialNeeds - Yahoo Discussion Forum for families with special needs children

Expat-Homeschool - Yahoo Discussion Forum for FS and expat families who home school

TCK and Expat Websites:

Denizen for Third Culture Kids

Expat Women: Helping Women Living Overseas

Expat Expert: The website of experienced expat and author, Robin Pascoe

Interaction: Today’s Voice for Third Culture Kids and Internationally Mobile Families

TCKid: A Home for Third Culture Kids

TCK World: The Official Home of Third Culture Kids
Families in Global Transition

The Interchange Institute

Expat Arrivals: Local Info for Global Expats

TCK Academy Expert Interview Series

Examiner: Inside Source for Everything Local (Washington, DC)—Third Culture Kids

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