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Volunteer Opportunities

FSYF welcomes volunteers, from teen to adult.  Volunteers need to meet FSYF membership eligibility criteria. There are a number of ways that you can make a difference.

Are you Overseas? Promote FSYF at your post:  
Host an FSYF gathering for your community's kids.  Have an art afternoon and help kids prepare an Art Contest entry.  Or provide encouragement and support for a KidVid team.

Are you in the DC area?
Are you interested in e-publishing?  Is social media your forte?  Do you like to write articles, or enjoy desktop publishing? Do you love to organize local outings? Let us know what you like to do and we'll let you know if there's a place we could use your help.  

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Become a Board Member:  Share your time and energy with FSYF. Help us to improve our programs, administration, membership and donor sponsor outreach. Learn More

Contribute to our Newsletters:  the more quality contributions we get, the better and more relevant the newsletter will become.  Share your experiences with your FS peers.  

Help at DC-based events: Help organize or run the games at the Family Picnic.  

Serve on a Teen Panel: Have you recently returned from overseas? Share your experiences with your FS peers.  If you've been through an evacuation and have some advice to share, come to the next evacuation social and chat with those who are going through it now.

Promote FSYF at your school:  let your FS classmates know who we are and what we do.  Bring them to an event with you.

Serve as a Student Ambassador: Would you be willing to answer questions about your school?  Would you help a new FS student become familiar with and get settled at your school?  

Promote FSYF on Social Media:  We know you have way more 'friends' than we do!  Help us spread the word by sharing our news. 

Do you have other ideas?  
We'd love to hear them!  Get started by emailing us at Don't worry, you won't be obligating yourself to anything just yet.  


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