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Gifted and Special Needs Education

There are many offices within the State Department that are able to help you navigate the sometimes-complex process of identifying your child's educational needs and securing the best support and allowances.  These offices include the Child and Family Program (CFP), the Family Liaison Office (FLO), the Foreign Service Institute's Transition Center (FSI TC), and the Office of Overseas Schools.  

The Special Needs Seminar is now called:  Educating Your Special Needs Child in the Foreign Affairs Community | Non-Tuition | Email | Last Video recording: November 2020  

Educating Your Special Needs Child in the Foreign Affairs Community - Email FSITC for more information

This seminar was created to specifically meet the needs of FS families who need to understand and navigate Department of State services available overseas to children with special needs. Topics include schooling, allowances, medical clearances, etc.  

Watch the most current (Nov. 2020) presentation of this session HERE!

The next special needs course will be offered April 29, 2021.  For a full list of TC Course offerings click HERE.

Articles and Online Resources, Including:

Only Connect! Meeting the Challenges of Special Needs Students 
By Tammie Gandy, Foreign Service Journal June 2011 (Pgs 90-105)
by Pamela Ward, Foreign Service Journal June 2008 (Pgs 91-94)
By Francesca Huemer Kelly, Foreign Service Journal June 2006 (Pgs 80-92)

By Erin Long, Foreign Service Journal, June 2012

a State Department resource list

By Michelle Grappo, Foreign Service Journal, June 2014

By Maureen M. Danzot and Mark R. Evans, Foreign Service Journal,
June 2016

Resources for Kids

    About State's new Child and Family Program (CFP)

    The Department’s Office of Medical Services (MED) has established the Child and Family Program (CFP) to support employees whose children require mental health treatment and/or special educational
    consideration overseas. CFP is assuming responsibility for
    services for children previously provided by MED’s Employee
    Consultation Services (ECS) section and is responsible for certifying
    eligibility for the Special Needs Educational Allowances (SNEA). Some
    services provided by CFP for employees overseas may require the family be enrolled in ICASS and have access to the Department Medical Program.

    Located in Washington, D.C., within MED/Mental Health Services, CFP is made up of a multidisciplinary team including child psychologists, social workers and a child psychiatrist. CFP will work with parents to ensure children's mental health and special educational needs are identified, appropriately assessed and an effective treatment and educational plan established and appropriate medical clearance obtained in advance of and during overseas assignments. CFP will assist overseas families with arranging testing and evaluations for children with learning or behavioral problems. CFP is the point of contact for families to request the processing of SNEA and also to renew authorization of funding. 

    Contact the CFP through the Office of Medical Services: Columbia Plaza, SA-1, Room H-246; Phone undefined (202) 663-1903

    Office of Overseas Schools

    Office of Allowances

    Family Liaison Office 

    Gifted Children:


    Online Discussion Forum:

    Join the Special Needs Yahoo Group:

    Join the Gifted Yahoo Group

    Offices that offer resources for special needs education:

    Office of Overseas Schools

    Office of Allowances

    Family Liaison Office

    New FS Journal Article

    A Parent's Guide to PsychoEducational Evaluations

    FS Journal, December 2013

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