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Middle School Re-Entry Program:  Taking Charge!

Join FSYF and facilitator Megan Norton for this annual workshop aimed specifically for Middle School students entering 6th through 8th grade. 

This program will focus on helping middle school students develop empowerment skills to succeed during transition while simultaneously building a local FS peer support network. All Middle School FS students are invited to attend.

Your middle school student can expect the following:
  • Team building activity
  • School readiness activity
  • Discussion topics
    • Challenges identifying with American culture
    • Communication
    • Question and answer session
  • Ice cream social


Middle School Re-Entry Program for Parents (Optional)
For the third year in a row FSYF is proud to offer parents an optional Middle School Re-entry Program for parents which will run concurrently with the youth program.  The purpose of this program is to expose parents to current literature and studies on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and the challenges they face returning to their home country.  Parents can ask questions and receive answers to their questions relating to their child's transition to the D.C. metropolitan area from a panel of Foreign Service parents, educators, and counselors.

This program is intended for parents who have registered their child for the Middle School Re-Entry program.  This program is optional, but many parents found it helpful. 

FSYF Board member and Foreign Service youth advocate Kim DeBlauw will facilitate this parent program.

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