Evacuations and sudden departures from Post are a common experience in the Foreign Service. Familiarize yourself and prepare your family for the possibility of an evacuation. The following resources, links and guides will help with the process.

Step 1: Be Prepared!

From natural disasters and civil unrest to specific threats against USG entities, evacuations can, and do, happen almost anywhere. While they are undeniably stressful, being prepared will go a long way towards making the experience at least somewhat more tolerable.

FSI's Overseas Crisis Readiness Online Resource

Family Liaison Office of Crisis Management Services 
contact: FLOAskEvacuations@state.gov
FLO's Crisis Management Service website is full of useful information, from allowance guidelines, to packing lists. Make sure to check their site before going overseas and while you're at Post.

Some of Crisis Management Services' resources include:

Personal Preparedness Plan: Prepare for an Unexpected Departure from Post

A List of Important Records and Personal Information to Hand Carry

Step 2: You've Been Evacuated, Now What?

Tip: Connect with your Post's CLO and FLO's Crisis Management Services office. To best assist you, they need to know who you are and where you are.

Family Liaison Office of Crisis Management Services 
contact: FLOAskEvacuations@state.gov
See above for many of their resources and check their website for more information relating to evacuation issues.

Family Liaison Office (FLO) Education and Youth
contact: FLOAskEducation@state.gov
The Education and Youth office at FLO can help answer questions about educational options for your children. From boarding school to local public schools, the staff is familiar with allownces and regulations and maintains connections with the guidance counseling departments at many of the DC metro area school systems.


Blog Post by Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed.

FSI's Transition Center
FSI wants to be your home away from home.  Take advantage of the Transition Center's many classes and training programs while you're in DC. Visit their website or in person at their site in Arlington, VA.

Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF)
FSYF aims to provide moral and practical support for FS families and youth.  
 See our Evacuation Program page on this website
FSYF volunteers provide free babysitting at Town Hall Meetings so that parents can attend without the concern of locating child care.

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW)
This organization provides additional support to Evacuees and their families. Volunteers can arrange to meet you at the airport, locate seasonally-appropriate clothes or furniture and equipment for babies and toddlers.

Additional Information

Mental Health Support
If you find yourself or a family member struggling with emotional issues, the State Department has resources to help you.

ECS has licensed clinical social workers who can be a great source of support and can be reached Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on (202) 663-1815. Dr. Stephen Young, M.D., Mental Health Psychiatrist and Chief of Crisis Response, M/MED/MHS is also available on (202) 663-1763.

use the company code ‘unaccompaniedtour’ to log in.
MHN is available 24/7 by phone for free coaching and support services. This is a great for those of you who are not located in the DC area.

for State Dept families:

for USAID families:

 Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF)

PO Box 50663   Arlington, VA   22205


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