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Getting and Staying Connected is Important!

We're social creatures and having a sense of community is important for our social and emotional well-being. The Foreign Service lifestyle uproots us from our immediate community every few years, which can make it challenging to identify who we are and where we fit in.

U.S. diplomatic missions understand the importance of settling in. Most, if not all, posts take the family sponsor program seriously. Moreover, social circles at international schools are typically very welcoming because these kids have all experienced being the new kid at one time or another.

Returning, or moving for the first time, to the U.S. is often considered the most difficult transition to make. The FS community is spread across Virginia, Maryland and DC, and we make up a very small minority of the region's population.

But the larger community to which we all belong is the Foreign Service (and Foreign Affairs Agencies) community. We often cross paths with families that we've known from a previous post and we share a mutual understanding of the FS lifestyle and all its challenges and opportunities.

Get Connected through FSYF

FSYF is here to support those who want to maintain ties to the FS Community: sharing advice with their peers, providing support, making connections, making the most of opportunities.

Get connected with each other through FSYF, by reading and contributing to the newsletters, participating in our contests and awards programs, attending our events, programs, and webinars, promoting our activities overseas, becoming a member and maybe even volunteering your time to help us better achieve our mission of supporting Foreign Service youth.

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