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FSYF Webinar: Top Essay Topics to Avoid in Your College Application

In June 2018,  FSYF hosted a webinar featuring Dr. Lauren Steed from Nomad Educational ServicesDr. Steed focuses on supporting third culture, expat or recent expat applicants in the college admissions process. FSYF is grateful to our expert presenter who volunteered her time to support FS students around the globe.

The recorded webinar is open to FSYF members in the "For Members Only" section of the website.  

Overview of the Webinar

Selecting an essay topic is an important and sometimes difficult decision. Brainstorming your essay can leave you feeling frustrated especially as you try to translate your overseas experience. During the webinar, students and their parents learned about the importance of selecting the right essay topic for college applications. Participants learned about topics to avoid when drafting a college applications essay.  Dr. Steed offered insights from her past experiences working in colleges and universities as well as from her private consulting. The webinar is designed to help students to get started on the right track and to avoid some common mistakes in selecting their essay topic. 

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