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FSYF Webinar: Preparing for College as a Global Nomad - What Every Student and Parent Needs to Know

Recently, FSYF hosted a webinar for graduating students and their parents that covered important topics to consider as a global nomad heading to college. We are grateful to our expert presenters who volunteered their time to support FS students around the globe. This is an excellent resource for parents and students, even if college is still a few years away. This webinar is open to members and non-members of FSYF. 

To watch the webinar, please follow this link

The first section of the webinar was for students. Dr. Hannah Morris, FSYF Board Member and the author of "New College, New Culture: Preparing for University as a Third Culture Kid" prompted students to consider a series of questions designed to prepare for the transition to college. She focused on important topics such as:
        • Preparing to say goodbye & leaving well
        • Building a social network in university
        • Cultivating Mentors
        • Family Expectations
Dr. Morris also shared a handout for students that is available here

Tina Quick, author of, "The Global Nomads Guide to University Transition" presented the parent portion of the webinar (which begins at the 53:00 minute mark). She focused on ways to support students while fostering independence including:

  • Building Practical Life Skills
  • Family Expectations
  • Supporting Students through the transition cycle.  

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