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Summer Resources

So you're back in the U.S. for the summer, either temporarily or permanently.  What to do with the kids? There are seemingly a million options for children in, around and beyond the DC area.  

Little Ones
  • splash parks
  • neighborhood and public pools
  • there are tons of parks, but check out Clemyjontri Park
Day Camps

Check the following sites to get started, but ask for personal recommendations from online forums (like Livelines yahoo group)
  • County Parks and Recreation website
  • Camps in the DC Area
Sleep Away Camps

Sleep away camps are a right of passage for many American youth and be a wonderful way to get back in touch with American culture and the stresses of packing out or unpacking.  Like day camps, there are an endless number of sleepaway camps; here are some resources but reach out and ask for recommendations.  There are sport-specific camps, traditional camps, camps on lakes, in the mountains, in the woods, by the shore....

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Cope Inc 

Washington Family Magazine

Washington Parent Magazine

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