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FSYF College Workshop

Each fall, FSYF presents a workshop focused on the college application process in the Washington, D.C. area.  The workshop covers key steps in the college search and application process including testing, writing the Common Application essay, and paying for college.  Other topics included using Foreign Service background to your benefit in the college admission process and how being a Third Culture Kid can affect your college search and experience. A comprehensive recording of the session was created in 2016 and is available in the ""For Members Only" section of the website. There is also a shorter recording from 2017. Handouts from several years are also avaliable. 

The following is a list of topics that have been covered during previous workshops:

Part 1:

  • Pros and cons of attending college outside the U.S
  • Legal hurdles to getting a job overseas after graduation
  • Challenges of moving during high school years
  • Incorporating Foreign Service experience in the college essay
  • Which colleges do and don't seek out Third Culture Kids
  • Differences between applying from overseas vs. the D.C. area
  • How being a Third Culture Kid affects the college experience
  • Qualifying for in-state tuition when applying from overseas
  • Does growing up overseas provide an advantage in the application process?
  • How to demonstrate interest to college admissions officers
  • Are colleges Googling applicants?
  • Making the most of college visits
  • Lists of recommended websites and articles

Part 2:

  • Making the most of college visits 
  • Sources of information about colleges
  • Selecting a college major
  • Availability of athletic scholarships
  • Coming changes in college application forms and financial aid forms
  • Applying to college from overseas
  • Coming changes to the SAT and ACT
  • Preparing for the SAT and the ACT
  • Which schools give the most merit-based aid?
  • Ways to reduce the cost of college

For the past few years, the FSYF college workshop has featured noted college admissions expert and former Foreign Service family member Rebecca Grappo. She is an international educational consultant and founder of RNG International. 

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